Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas: Special Chicken Edition!

Rich and Creamy Chicken Darbari!

  1. Relish the distinctive flavours of the time honoured Gharana cuisine with Kitchens of India Chicken Darbari.
  2. Simply heat this butter-laced tomato gravy with tender chunks of chicken and it’s ready to eat!

Spicy Chicken Chettinad!

  1. Enjoy the flavours of this South Indian delicacy which is the flag bearer of Chettinad cuisine.
  2. Heat Kitchens of India Chicken Chettinad and savour this mouth-watering meal instantly!

Delectable Yakhni Pulao!

  1. This Kashmiri delicacy of marinated chicken in creamy curd, fragrant spices, and saffron-infused rice is sure to win hearts.
  2. Heat Kitchens of India Yakhni Pulao and get dinner ready in less than 5 minutes!

Malabari Chicken Stew!

  1. This aromatic coconut milk-based chicken stew from the Malabar region is mildly sweet and delicately spiced.
  2. Enjoy this rich and flavourful meal with Kitchens of India Malabari Chicken Stew in a matter of minutes!

Flavourful Noormahal Biryani!

  1. This Dum Pukht biryani with slow-cooked minced chicken koftas is a perfect go-to dinner.
  2. Heat Kitchens of India Noormahal Biryani and enjoy this irresistible medley of flavours with some raita and pickle!

Aromatic Murgh Methi!

  1. Savour this aromatic delicacy from Gharana cuisine where tender chunks of chicken are mildly seasoned and simmered in a gravy of green coriander and fenugreek.
  2. This sumptuous meal is perfect when you are in the mood for something quick, easy, and yet delicious!

Try the Kitchens of India ready-to-eat Gourmet Delights for lip-smacking but quick and easy dinner ideas.

Make every mealtime a special occasion!

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