Packaged Using Retort Process Technology, No Added Preservatives

At Kitchens of India, our range of culinary masterpieces is made from the choicest ingredients that pass through rigorous checks. Our final products are sterilized using retort process technology at high temperatures and pressure. Then, they are packed in a 4 layer pouch to ensure that your meals are safe and fresh when you open them, without any added preservatives.

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Culinary Masterpieces,

Ready In a Matter of Minutes

We want to ensure you have a meal for every occasion! Whether you crave a gourmet style biryani, a decadent dessert, or your daily comfort food, we have an array of dishes for you to choose from. All our dishes are ready-to-eat, you only need a few minutes to heat, serve, and enjoy.

Ready-to-Eat Meals,

Inspired by the Dishes of the ITC Hotels

Kitchens of India draws its strength from ITC Hotels that are acclaimed for their culinary excellence, thanks to their expert chefs and signature dining experiences. Inspired by the culinary expertise displayed in the dishes of the ITC Hotels, our range of Gourmet Delight variants turn every meal into an indulgent experience. Our ready-to-eat meals take inspiration from India’s regional cuisines to bring the look, feel, and taste of fine dining to your homes.


Matters - ITC Ltd

ITC businesses support over 60 lakh sustainable livelihoods while focusing on enhanced use of renewable energy sources, reduction in specific water consumption, and waste management initiatives. ITC is the only company in the world of comparable dimensions to be carbon positive for 16 years, water positive for 19 years, and solid waste recycling positive for 14 years.