Rich Creamy Tomato Cooking Sauce
Punjabi Tikka Masala
A delectable combination of hand picked tomatoes and fresh cream, flavored with spices; to give you the perfect sauce for a mouth watering dish...
Cilantro & Tomato Cooking Sauce
Bombay Kadai
A selection of the choicest tomatoes, ground with cilantro and fragrant spices in a kadai (Indian Wok), giving you a savory Indian sauce with plenty of zest...
Rich Cashew & Cumin Cooking Sauce
Hyderabadi Korma
A sauce that is an exquisite and sumptuous combination of mild spices, cumin and cashew nut, delicately prepared to pamper your palate...
Spicy Tomato & Ginger Cooking Sauce
Kashmiri Rogan Josh
Tomatoes blended perfectly with onions, seasoned with ginger and aromatic Indian spices, giving you flavorful sauce for a classic dish...
Onion & Yogurt Cooking Sauce
Delhi Dam Aloo
A delightful combination of fresh yogurt and fennel seeds, spiced with aromatic green cardamoms, giving you a mild yet delicious sauce...
Absolutely love your ready to eat products and sauces. We are moving to Toronto, Canada and would like to know how to locate your products there.

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